To meet your needs in silicone construction sealants and technology, we offer a world leader, Dow Corning. With Dow Corning’s commitment to research and development, technical service and quality products, their building and glazing sealants offer state-of-the-art design and flexibility.
Some of the Dow Corning products we carry include:
• 790, 795, 791, 999, 732, 786, 995
• Contractors Weather Proofing Sealant
• Dow Corning 758 Weather Barrier Sealant



GRACE, a world leader in the construction products industry, has innovative solutions for protecting the building envelope:
• Below Grade Waterproofing
• Above Grade Waterproofing
• Parking & Bridge Deck Waterproofing
• Drainage Composites
• Air & Vapor Barrier Systems
• Architectural Roofing Underlayment
• Residential Roofing Underlayment and Flashing



Specified Technologies Inc. supplies the fire-stopping industry with the highest quality fire-stopping systems.
STI systems range from intumescent caulking, to silicone-based foam kits, to special pillows for cable trays.
STI leads the industry in UL listings and tests.

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