President: Steve DeLaune, Jr.

Vice President: Ryan Crane

Acoustical Specialties & Supply
 is a family owned and operated business, serving the construction industry of South Louisiana since 1975. The name “Acoustical” refers to acoustical ceilings, which was our very first product line. Over the years, our product offerings have expanded to include commercial and residential insulation, metal studs and drywall, stucco, caulking, fireplaces, and more.

Albert Greene
Albert Greene (Founder)

Our goal at Acoustical Specialties & Supply, LLC is to provide our customers the best products at competitive prices with the best service. We expect every employee to be courteous and helpful to our customers at all times. We will always strive to have competent, well trained personnel, adequate inventory and sufficient equipment to give good service to our customers. We pledge to respond courteously to all customer complaints on a timely basis.

Acoustical Specialties also pledges to all employees a pleasant work environment free from verbal, physical or visual forms of harassment. We expect Acoustical Specialties’ employees a to be sensitive to the individual rights of every co-worker. The management of Acoustical pledges to help each employee to reach the highest potential in this company that their education, abilities and personality will allow them to reach.

This Company will always work hard to be an asset to our Community. We pledge to keep our facilities as attractive as possible and to protect the environment to the best of our ability. We want Baton Rouge area to be proud that we are here!

The Owners of Acoustical, and hopefully a large majority of the employees, pledge honor to God in everything we do and to give God credit for any success that may be achieved.

If all of our pledges are fufilled, we will know that God is pleased with the Company and that is our main goal.

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